Community Projects

Due to the great commitment of people who want to help lessen domestic violence, D.A.R.T. has made lasting connections with the communities it serves. Community projects that reach out to various groups in need help D.A.R.T. educate and serve the people in our area.

angel tree.jpg

Christmas Tree Angels

Each year, D.A.R.T. and our families are reminded of the spirit of Christmas through the loving generosity of hundreds of people throughout the community.  Various businesses, as well as both universities, host an Angel Tree each year. Customers and visitors pick up an angel, purchase the gift requested on back, wrap the gift if possible, put the angel on the outside of the gift, and return it to the location where they picked it up, or to the D.A.R.T. administrative office on Alabama Street in Ruston.

The Christmas Angel project offers a chance for businesses, organizations, churches, school groups and families to buy Christmas gifts for children and adults who are involved in D.A.R.T.’s programs. This year, angel trees are set out at Waltz Pharmacy, Vision Center, Grambling Mail Room, Origin Bank, First National Bank, and at the D.A.R.T. Administrative Offices. 

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Men Standing Strong

In 2013, D.A.R.T. introduced a new awareness and fundraising campaign called Men Standing Strong.  Initially, 10 men were recruited to serve as the founding leaders of this project.  Each leader agreed to sign a statement that they are opposed to domestic violence and they support D.A.R.T. in our efforts to stop it.  They also made a donation to D.A.R.T.  Then they recruited at least nine other men to join them.  Since that time, hundreds of men have made the choice to step up and stand strong against family violence. Each of D.A.R.T.’s rural parishes also held Men Standing Strong campaigns.

Men Standing Strong is changing the way our community views domestic violence. By joining the campaign, each man is saying “This is a problem, and I am willing to add my name to the group of men who want it to stop.”  For information about joining Men Standing Strong, call 318-513-9373.

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Back to School

The children served by D.A.R.T. are assisted each year in obtaining school supplies, uniforms, backpacks and supply fees that they need to start the school year. Our child advocate receives the donations and organizes the many items that the children will receive prior to schools opening. 

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Pantry Pack Program

Kids enrolled in D.A.R.T.'s program sometimes have a difficult time getting three meals a day during school recesses. The D.A.R.T. staff prepares boxes of food for the children to take home for the holidays and gives out weekly packs during the summer. If you'd like to participate, please consider giving any of the following items and bring them to our downtown Ruston office at 108 W. Alabama Ave.:

Instant oatmeal, peanut butter, fruit preserves, Ritz Crackers, blocks of cheddar cheese, cans of hearty soups, cans of fruit, boxes of breakfast cereals, cans of chili/ravioli/Spaghettios, granola bars, SnackPack pudding, pretzels, beef jerky sticks, or breakfast bars.

If you would like to make a cash donation, D.A.R.T. will purchase whole grain breads, milk, fresh fruit and fresh veggies prior to distribution. Call 318-513-9373 for more information.